Digital Democracy and More at SITE 2015

Though I was only able to attend for the last day, I really enjoyed my time at SITE 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. See Twitter search for #siteconf #SITE2015 for lots of great reflection, pics, resources, etc.

Though I didn’t get to see it, I hear the Invited Speaker, NMSU’s own Barbara Chamberlin, was inspirational with her presentation: Game-Based Learning: Trends, Research, and Sheer Ridiculousness. I love the following tweet from her presentation, it encapsulates perfectly one of the concepts I have been dwelling on for a couple of years:

I was able to attend James Gee’s keynote and from him, I gathered some great gem’s via Twitter, that I will further explore:

And the whole reason I went was to fill in for my doctoral student and colleague, Dr. Kenneth Tellez for an afternoon presentation titled, Digital Democracy: Panelists will share technology-based projects for empowering marginalized populations in K-12 and adult education. Attendees will be invited to discuss uses of technology for addressing a deepening digital divide in the U.S. Here is the SITE 2015 Session page and below are the Google Slides for our Digital Democracy Panel Presentation:

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