Connecting and Engaging Mizzou, NMSU, and the Global Community: A Complicated Conversation in the Post-9/11 Era


So it all started as a small guest speaking event with my friend, Dr. Merj B. Hemp, joining my hybrid (students attend face-to-face and online) class, EDLT 581 Emerging Technology Tools & Techniques to discuss her project, Complicated Conversations in the Post 9/11 Era. Dr. Merj has been engaging a variety of people in these Complicated Conversations using YouTube and her small home studio, you can see them on YouTube. She chose to use Google Hangout to broadcast for this guest speaking event and it occurred to her that a Hangout, as a tool for potential global participation, provided the opportunity for reaching beyond just one classroom. Additionally, other things are lining up with some fun announcements Dr. Merj wants to share. So, what was a small event has now become a bit of an EVENT!

So you are all invited!

Please join us as Dr. Merj B. Hemp shares about how she engages and connects different communities in hard conversations that include discussions about our lives in the post-9/11 era as well as the most pressing issues the world is facing today. A young Muslim Arab-American student leader, Yasmin, will join the conversation. And we will also talk a bit about the role of emerging technology in the facilitation and advancement of these continued and important Complicated Conversations.

You can join this event live, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 31, 5-6pm MT, at

and at


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