The 1st Annual NewMexicoDLA Conference 2015

Hello Friends & Colleagues, I just want share what I am working on today, the The 1st Annual NewMexicoDLA Conference 2015. To learn more about NewMexicoDLA, check out our website at Here’s our promo blurb 🙂

Attend for FREE! The 1st Annual NewMexicoDLA Conference 2015

We are excited to announce the 1st Annual NewMexicoDLA Conference 2015! The theme of this conference is What’s New in New Mexico in Higher Education with Distance, Online and Blended Learning? Join us as institutions and colleagues from around the state of New Mexico share what is new in the areas of distance, online and blended learning. Additionally, we are asking for presenters to share current challenges and ideas for how NewMexicoDLA might be a support. Note that if you are a NewMexicoDLA member there will be an Annual Membership Meeting so that you can be informed and contribute to the goals and progress of NewMexicoDLA. This first conference will be held 100% online and 100% free! So you can join us from your office, home or even if you are on the road! We hope that you can join us for our 1-day conference on May 20, 2015 starting at 9am MT. Register at If you have questions, you can tweet me, @desertjul.

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