Key Vocabulary Activity

This vocabulary activity is a model for providing learners with choices to demonstrate their learning of key course concepts. You can use this model for any big concept with your own list of relevant vocabulary.


Write an essay about online learning community using at least 10 of the words below. You can edit the words as needed. For example if a word needs to be plural or changed in tense, etc. For example, collaboration could be collaborate, collaborator, etc. Highlight the words you use with an asterisk. For full points, your essay should include the 10 words, it should be about online learning community, and it should make sense. Feel free to write poetry or a song. If you can figure out how to do a demonstrative dance (there would need to be a Key of some sort), that would be awesome. Feel free to create it on your blog or a wiki page and link to it in this LMS quiz tool.

  • assessment
  • asynchronous
  • avatar
  • collaboration
  • constructivism
  • content
  • cooperation
  • culture
  • engagement
  • ethics
  • facilitate
  • ice-breaker
  • interaction
  • learner
  • master learner
  • motivation
  • presence
  • reflection
  • relationship
  • social
  • synchronous
  • teacher

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