Research Mission Statement

My mission is to explore existing and innovative models of teaching and learning with technology (especially online and blended) that support learner engagement and empowerment; and disseminate my findings globally.

Educational Framework and Research Values

  • Supporting K12 educators and higher education faculty in the area of learning design and technology
  • Innovation in learning design and technology, current emphasis areas:
    • Online, Blended, and HyFlex course design
    • Participatory course design, democratic classrooms
    • Demonstrating learning through digital publication including podcasting and class texts
    • Using digital and cultural phenomenon to engage learners
    • Heutagogy and Connectivism
    • Digital Literacy/Fluency, Critical Digital Literacy/Pedagogy, Socio-Technical Literacy
    • Culturally Responsive/Relevant Teaching
    • Maker-based learning
    • TPACK
  • Pragmatic research methods

Research Objectives

I am committed to furthering my research in the areas of:

  • Identifying the most effective ways to teach and learn with technology and in digitally-enhanced or online learning environments…

Current Research Foci

  1. Innovative, transformative and culturally-responsive learning design with technology for online and blended learning environments such as
    1. Personal Learning Networks and Social Media in Education,
    2. Critical and Culturally Responsive Teaching with Technology

Key Words/Phrases/Specializations

participatory design, online teaching and learning, blended or HyFlex teaching and learning, learning design and technology, innovative learning design and technology, culturally-responsive teaching with technology, digital democracy, Heutagogy, Connectivism, maker-based learning, Quality Matters Rubric, ADDIE, ELVIS, identity-based experiential learning, online collaboration, learner engagement, learner empowerment, emerging technology, social media, web 2.0, personal learning networks, MOOC, high school leadership, leadership and technology, faculty and teacher professional development,

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