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A Paper Presentation Submitted and Accepted for NCGE 2015 Conference Presented August 8, 2015 by: Julia Parra, New Mexico State University, New Mexico Geographic Alliance Karen Thomas-Brown, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Michigan Geographic Alliance Presentation Description Dr. Parra and Dr. Thomas-Brown are identifying teaching and learning concepts for the development of an Effective STEM+C Model of Teaching and Learning, currently being referred to as Discover STEM+C. For this paper and presentation, Dr. Parra… Read More

Collaboration and group work can be challenging, especially when it is done as part of an online course. I’ve been teaching online and using collaborative group projects since about 2006 and have learned a lot. In 2012/2013 I gathered what I had learned, designed a process, and conducted a small research project with my students to see if this process worked. Here is an chapter excerpt: “Anecdotally, I knew that providing students in… Read More

Increasingly, group work and collaboration are valued as key strategies for engaging students in online and blended learning environments. There are many online tools available to support students as they engage in group work and collaboration. With so much to choose from, it is helpful to create a basic collaboration toolkit. I teach both face-to-face and online courses. Of note, my face-to-face courses are also always blended, hybrid and/or HyFlex in nature…. Read More

I am really appreciating the opportunity to attend NSF Day in Lubbock. I find that when I embark on a new challenging path, it’s helpful to immerse myself in the culture and with the people involved. Some concepts involved in support of this include – situated learning, apprenticeship and mentoring, and communities of practice. Want to know more about NSF, definitely check out the site at http://nsf.org and use the search bar feature…. Read More

Hello Friends & Colleagues, I just want share what I am working on today, the The 1st Annual NewMexicoDLA Conference 2015. To learn more about NewMexicoDLA, check out our website at http://newmexicodla.org. Here’s our promo blurb 🙂 Attend for FREE! The 1st Annual NewMexicoDLA Conference 2015 We are excited to announce the 1st Annual NewMexicoDLA Conference 2015! The theme of this conference is What’s New in New Mexico in Higher Education with Distance,… Read More

#ComplicatedConversationsPost911 So it all started as a small guest speaking event with my friend, Dr. Merj B. Hemp, joining my hybrid (students attend face-to-face and online) class, EDLT 581 Emerging Technology Tools & Techniques to discuss her project, Complicated Conversations in the Post 9/11 Era. Dr. Merj has been engaging a variety of people in these Complicated Conversations using YouTube and her small home studio, you can see them on YouTube. She chose… Read More

I recently posted briefly about my NMGA adventures in Washington, D.C. See http://www.nmgeoed.org/blog.

Though I was only able to attend for the last day, I really enjoyed my time at SITE 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. See Twitter search for #siteconf #SITE2015 for lots of great reflection, pics, resources, etc. Though I didn’t get to see it, I hear the Invited Speaker, NMSU’s own Barbara Chamberlin, was inspirational with her presentation: Game-Based Learning: Trends, Research, and Sheer Ridiculousness. I love the following tweet from her presentation,… Read More

So I did it! I have pretty much transitioned my website to my WordPress site, I even mapped my domain, but don’t ask me how! I will still use my juliaparra.pbworks.com wiki for archived content, but all new content will live here. Wish me luck with my new WordPress adventures!